bee feeder

IMG_1271 (768x1024)still waiting to hear about when I can pick up the bees.  am supposed to get a call when they are about an hour away.  meanwhile, finished setting up the hive, putting in the fencing, waxing the top bars and made this feeder.  Just a quart jar with nail holes to be filled with the sugar syrup solution.  The wood to hold it is nothing fancy, just some scrap pieces.  This is on one side of the follower board, the bees will be on the other.  As you can see, the wood is under the feeder board so they have just the little opening to get under the jar.   It is not perfect and bees may get lost on this side, but nothing here is sealed tightly, they should find their way back okay.  Right now, the sugar syrup solution is cooling on the stove.  May fill the jar and install it before the bees come so have less to do when they get here.

IMG_1269 (1024x768)IMG_1270 (1024x768)

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