bees are coming


Bees come tomorrow!!

IMG_1258 (1024x768)  Nice level box, with top bars in place

IMG_1259 (1024x768)sturdy supports, good level box

IMG_1260 (768x1024)With its lid, and the posts that will be for the fencing. Wasn’t until I took this picture that noticed the block isn’t square on the paver.  Fortunately, have slices and bits of paver at home, so can slide a piece in to fully support the block and hive.

Tomorrow will wax the bars and prepare some sugar water.  Put up the fencing, and fix that support.  Also have a place to hang a hummingbird feeder without its top so I can leave some plain water out here for them. Picture taken about 5pm.  Hive gets good winter sun, mid day sun at this time of year, and by the time its HOT, will be in the shade all day.

This very exciting!

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