hive update

went out to the hive to check up on what’s going on.  Tomorrow evening would be one week since installing the bees.  Decided to check the queen box, so opened the hive.  It was spontaneous – no veil, gloves, jacket, smoker, etc.

IMG_1275 (1024x768)carefully moved back the bars, starting from the back.  as I got to the front bars, the hives were very carefully working the bars, doing acrobatics to stay in touch as the bars were moved apart.  Carefully pulled out the tack for the queen’s box, but it was swarming with bees. So after removing it, brushed off enough bees that I could see the plug was gone through and bees were moving around in the box as well as outside. 

IMG_1276 (1024x989)Know the queen is marked in this batch with RED, but nothing caught my eye, so tacked the box to the landing board so the bees could find their way back into the hive.  They had started building that first bit of comb on the queen box.  It took quite a bit of time to reclose the hive as the bees kept coming up between the top bars.  By the time I was done, most of the bees were back in the hive

Later, as I was closing the hive back up, noticed the bees were doing the butt dance to announce the queen was in residence and thought I saw a flash of red amidst the bees at the front of the hive.  So think it can be safely said, the queen lives.

Now, have to refrain from running out there to check on them every other day . . .

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One Response to hive update

  1. Indulging in a quick peek through the observation window does not seem to hurt, even daily. It becomes easier to refrain after the first burst of comb building is done. Enjoy.

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