zuchinni corral and other garden updates


IMG_1254this is the zuchinni corral as it looked on April 6.  In the back are regular zuchinni, in the pots are Cocozelle, a bush zuchinni, before putting up the wall o waters

IMG_1277 (1024x768) IMG_1278 (1024x768) close ups of the zuchinni this morning, still in their wall o waters as night time temps are dipping below 40

IMG_1279 (1024x768)under this cover planted 14 Striped Roma tomato plants.  This is an indeterminate heirloom which is good anyway you slice it, and also 12 regular Roma italian tomato plants.  They’re staggered so when the cover comes off, they can go forward or back.  there is a soaker hose under there too

IMG_1281 (768x1024) peas – this is my last year of trying unless something amazing happens.  They just do not do well for me how or where I plant them

IMG_1282 (1024x768)Garlic in the big planter, shallots in the small one.  Just bought some shallots at the health food store and stuck them in the ground.  Will work up to growing 40-50 a year from this small group.  Yes, it will take a couple of years, but they will be mine.

IMG_1250 (1024x768) - Copy      IMG_1251 (1024x768) - Copy lettuce and chard, over wintered, as of April 6, below is the same bed this morning, April 27

IMG_1283 (768x1024)                IMG_1284 (768x1024)

IMG_1280 (1024x768)There is lettuce in this pot, with its own fence.  Am hoping this spot is cool enough, but with enough sun, for me to get a late crop.  its all starting to bolt in this heat.

planted my spaghetti squash and winter squash in the bed across from this one.  Sickly looking seedlings.  Either I let them got too pot bound, too hot, or too wet.  Hope they survive

Garter snake ducked into the garden this afternoon, big lizard trapped itself in the greenhouse.  Gopher is still around despite all our efforts.  Right now, am hesitant to plant in the beds outside the main one here as there is nothing to stop the gopher from tunneling in and eating everything.    The snake is welcome and hopefully is big enough to take care of that damn gopher!

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