nitrogen sources

Over at the ROOT SIMPLE blog, an experiment with straw bale gardening has turned into a discussion of human urine for nitrogen . . .Good sources of a nitrogen are always an issue here. A few  years ago, when someone gave me a couple of big bags of sawdust, thought I’d mulch with it and use it in the composter, and then the nitrogen issue raised itself.  Now, there will be a sawdust bucket set up outside for peeing and adding to the compost pile.  Much more difficult an issue for women than men, particularly when your garden is not completely private.  have to remind Himself to use the composter . . .of course, again, it will be an evening event as he’s a private type person himself.

Yes, diluted with water, it can be used directly on the plants! 10:1 in the garden, 30:1 with potted plants

and think of the water you’ll be saving

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