hive peeking

know I said I’d keep away from the hive, but have been out for a few minutes nearly every day peering through the side window.  One woman who picked up her bees the same day says hers have left and her hive stands empty.  Don’t know if her queen died, left, or what happened.

My hive is staying fairly cool as it is mostly in shade this time of year, will be through the summer.  So the bees seem comfortable in their cluster inside the hive.  Did see combs forming.

we have a local “bee guru”, who is confusing me with his advice.  now, up until I got the bees, had heard of this guy, but had not been to any of his workshops. had gotten my info from various books,, and most recently from

But Patrick went to Sante Fe for us all to pick up the bees, and showed us how to hive the package when he got back. and we’re all kind of keeping in touch. anyway, he says to check on the queen and remove the queens box after a week – which we know I did last Friday. Then he says to leave them alone for a couple of weeks. But then he says to check to make sure the queen is laying, and that the bees are producing straight comb, following the top bars. Can’t do both! So right now, am just peering through the side window and otherwise letting them be. Just have to hope they are all getting enough of everything they need. doing visualizations of happy bees, with lots of comb full of brood, pollen and honey

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