May garden update


Today was cloudy, a great day to work outside.  Yesterday was sunny and hot and overheated putting in soaker hose for the tomatoes and zucchini coral.  This is how they look today:

IMG_1303 (768x1024)  IMG_1304 (768x1024) one of the original tomato seedlings has died.  rest seem to be coming along

in the outer container area, filled the grow bags with all the ready compost, probably about 6 – 8 cu feet, and still had to add another 2cu foot bag of potting soil.  The grow bags already were about 1/4 full!  That’s a lot of dirt.  clouds made it all easier.  Then planted pretty much all the seedlings I had prepared!

IMG_1299 (1024x768) IMG_1300 (1024x768) from the left, comfrey which was overwintered out there.  Next bag has yellow plum tomatoes in the back (since this was taken, added another plant in the empty space). Cayenne pepper plants to the front.  Ended up recycling one plant of each.  The picture to the right has orange slicing tomatoes in the back, eggplant in the front.  white eggplant to the left, purple to the right

IMG_1301 (1024x768)IMG_1302 (1024x768) from the left, Siberian Tomato, 4 plants.  am hoping that this short season variety will give me tomatoes BEFORE the real heat kicks in.  Otherwise have to wait for the monsoon season for the others.  To the right are four pepper plants, 2 anaheim chili (tossed a third seedling) and 2 chocolate bell peppers. This is a thick walled sweet pepper.  the white container far right is a commercial potato that started to sprout.  figured what could I lose with planting it!

IMG_1305 (1024x768)IMG_1306 (1024x768) yesterday planted the strawberries.  these are a commercial purchase.  variety is an Evergreen called Loran.  originally was going to put 5 plants in the container on the left – picked up for $12 at Goodwill.  Ended up with 6 plants, so put 2 in this long planter.  All plants had started to set fruit and had flowers which were removed.  Far right are the shallots that I’m currently growing for starter bulbs.

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