setting up the hive and bee stings

Yesterday was 3 weeks since setting up the hive and was advised that this is the time to check to make sure the Queen is laying and that the comb is being built straight.  Went to check at mid-day when the hive would be empty-est.  found that they had begun the process of sealing up with propolis and moving the top bars was already difficult.  Only checked the last comb in the line and it was being built nice and straight, which means, of course, that the rest is too.  Bees did look upon what I was doing as an intrusion and began coming up out of the hive.  one got between a couple of fingers and stung me.

Yes, I was working without gloves or veil

This is only my second bee sting, and while I pulled out the stinger immediately, had to finish sealing the hive back, which I started on immediately. So have not checked for brood, the queen, etc.
When I got home, put some benedryl on the sting and thought nothing of it. During the night it was SOOOO itchy. woke up to find my hand quite swollen and stiff. Took an antihistamine and now will have to just wait. Happen to have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday so will discuss the need for keeping an Epi pen around.
anyway, went back out this morning while it was cool to make sure the top bars were in place. So what is the ratio for brood bars and honey? where do I start putting in the spacers? this is a small hive so right now have 11 brood bars and 5 for honey. This hive will get plenty of winter sun, and there are usually flowers by February here in the desert.

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