garden update – 5/15

Already female flowers on the zucchini.  if the bees are doing their job, there will be fresh produce soon.  see at least one flower on the Roma tomatoes, and there are some pickable snow pea pods out there too.

Of the seedlings planted a week or so ago (guess its like 10 days), the Siberian tomato are really starting to take off.  others are going slower, as it takes several days for them to get their roots settled before the plants grow. 

of my spaghetti squash seedlings, 3 of the 5 have died and the other two look peaked. First year I’ve not grown my own starts on this. will pick up some when out and about today.  The Delicata squash seedlings are not doing well, but are growing slowly.  we’re not big winter squash eaters, although would like to change that, so its not a big deal. 

on the other side of the garden path, we’ve been eating chard like mad and the lettuce is starting to bolt, so more salads are in order.  the plants in the shade are growing slowly, but growing, so in a month or so, there will still be fresh lettuce to be had.  The first of the Broccoli Raab is ready to be picked.  Spinach is slow as always.  this may be my last year for growing the stuff, although its likely I’ll keep going until I’ve used up my seeds.  Just not worth it when chard kale and raab grow so well.  maybe I’ll over winter it like I did with the chard and lettuce and see how that goes.

and will have to get the sun shade up soon. 

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