another update

picked the first of the Broccali Raab today.  had not ever had it before, much less grown it!  over seasoned it a bit and it was intense.  liked it, DH did not.  We’re eating Chard nearly every day. the plants are starting to bolt.  Lettuce also.  Picked a handful of snow peas today, but don’t know how much more I’ll get.  zucchini developing quickly.  still have frozen from last year!  The bush plants burn themselves out pretty quickly, especially as they are in pots this year.  So will probably have to start replacement plants end of June.  by the time they’re ready, the regular plants will be slowing down.  Of course, we may be zuchinni’d out by then.

This is the first year my Egyptian “walking onions” have actually fallen over and started “walking”. due to limited space, at this time dig them up, cut off the tops and root them in a planter. This is pretty much a one at a time deal, so the onion gets to dry a day so I can brush off the dirt. Then I cut off the stalk which gets chopped up for what ever onion is needed. the green tops are chopped and frozen for chives later in the year. the rest serves for another meal or two, depending on its size. Then I’m ready for the next one. This type of onion does not form a bulb, but looks more like an over grown scallion.

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