am reading Under the Tuscan Sun which probably wouldn’t have impacted me as much before I began my veggie garden, which is already yielding much of daily veg.  Our friend Joe, an Italian from Brooklyn, is also a cook – more so than I – and he mentioned using lots of chicken stock for cooking rather than fats and oils.  I make gallons of the stuff, but always can in quart jars for making soups.  Realize that I need to do some pints so I’ll have it available when needing to cook some Rapinni, or Chard.  Add some extra flavor to the rice before chopping in the fresh zucchini and tomato.

Need to expand my vegetable recipe portfolio so all this wonderful bounty can be used fully. although with the way the chard is bolting in the sudden heat, may have to pass some of that on . . . .

Life can be so wonderful when all you HAVE to do is stay home and relish the abundance that is the Earth and Sun (and the water we buy). 

Then the phone rings in the office . . . . .

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