catching up on the update

Been very busy the last few weeks, and behind on my planting and garden work.  Guess part of it is, I plant during the moon’s waning phases, not the waxing.  Something about seeds/roots in the dark, then coming up during the light.  at least that’s what my brain tells me.  Its the only astrological planting aspect I seem to follow.

so, have been harvesting zucchini, and both the Roma and Siberian tomatoes have flowers. the store bought winter squash seedlings are catching on. still eating lettuce. Has not gotten as hot as it might be, with morning temps in the 40’s. Some of the chard is bolting but am able to keep up. spinach doing okay. plenty of salad makings and greens. Broccali Raab is coming in, been harvesting on onions as I need them. Pulled the peas which had gotten sickly as day time highs were too much for them. Not nearly enough yield for the amount of space they took up. planted some bush beans in one of the containers yesterday. also got my potatoes into their various sacks. 4 with Rosegold, 3 with Elba, a white potato. There is still that one pot planted a month ago with a supermarket volunteer that’s coming along.

Started seeds yesterday – FINALLY – for hyssop, yarrow, arnica, nasturtium, moon flowers and morning glory. Got the DH thinking about water harvesting and we went “shopping” on line. The company through whom we’d bought the Riga greenhouse, Exaco, is now bringing in a line of water storage containers from Germany. They are definitely on the high end. The one water butt, made in America, we have was $110 shipped, for 65 gallons – or, $1.39 or so a gallon. We picked out a 130 gallon amphora urn for a mere $449.99!! at least that included the shipping. thing stands 59″ tall!! DH has agreed that if its attractive enough, we’ll get some of this company’s different amphora styles, in different colors for around the house.

Meanwhile, a lot of cutting of tree branches has been going on, creating quite the pile of wood for the winter.

For various reasons, breakfast during the week has become soup. So right now, am canning some chicken stock. In one of the those DUH moments, using chicken stock in my daily cooking was suggested, but who wants to open a quart bottle of stock? Freeze it in ice cube trays was the reply. But am trying to get away from the freezer. what if? so am canning pints and 1/2 pints. like I said DUH!! and fortunately, today is staying on the cool side.

Matter of fact, its been so cool, haven’t even put up my sunshade over the garden yet!

have been making Ghee while the local market has butter on special. will also try to can some. read recently that butter only is good for 2 weeks in the fridge and just a month in the freezer. WHAT? well, in the world of prepping, canning is the answer . . .

That’s pretty much it. been a busy weekend, and now a world of work awaits me .

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