Heat is on, like an oven out there, hot and dry.  Watering everything.  see little tomatoes forming, also one teeny (so far) winter squash.

Something is eating the corn shoots as soon as they come up.

Gophers attacking once again.

Bees have built 6 combs so far, with the 7th just beginning.  do not see any more capped cells, but will presume they are in there as did see a young bee today, plus its been 7 weeks and there are still plenty of bees out there in the hive.

have started harvesting the garlic.  have not yet gotten pole beans in the ground and that’s a must!!

all the sunflower starts were eaten as soon as the shoots appeared.

two of the strawberry plants are turning brown and dying.

red potatoes are starting to leaf, white not yet.

comfrey leaf are wilting and dying for some reason

 making and canning ghee, 2 lbs of butter at a time. Best for cooking without burning, lots of wonderful uses. no refrigeration needed.

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