garlic harvest

IMG_1320Persian Star. 33 bulbs.  Think this is the earliest I’ve harvested garlic, and one of my best over all crops.  Grown in a 4’x4’ x 18’” raised bed.  Not too hot, keeps well

IMG_1321Siskiyou purple garlic, harvested a week ago from the same bed.  This garlic does not keep well, either fresh or jarred in oil or water. gets sharp and bitter.  mostly, this garlic forms large cloves.  hard to describe, but different shape clove than most.

Will add compost to the bed, and in a month or so, plant carrots.

am pleased with the raised bed both for harvest and quality of garlic. 

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1 Response to garlic harvest

  1. attemptinggreen says:

    so jealous my garlic won’t be ready for another month. But I did just cut the scapes. YUM

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