Hive update

Being in the desert south west brings its own challenges to keeping bees.  We had a great, wet winter, which meant a spring full of pollen sources: from the early roses, through mesquite and acacia.  But now both the heat and dry are on and nature is shutting down.  And this year, Gophers have attacked my garden big time.  While most of my beds are protected, the flower beds around my main garden have proven vulnerable.  and those beds are the flowers that attract the pollinators, like bees and hummingbirds.  Nearly all my bee balm is gone, lavenders are struggling, and nearly everything else I’ve planted has fallen to their voracious appetites!

The bees (this is a top bar hive) got to six combs, and then stopped as nectar flows did too.  have not seen much in the way of capped cells but know they must be in there as the bee population remains strong.

Accepted going in to this that my garden could only offer so much and that natural sources would be limited, particularly at certain times of the year.  Knew that would effect my total bee population and how quickly the would fill the hive box.

On the other hand, I brought the bees here, they are my responsibility.  So yesterday put out a pint of syrup to supplement their needs.  Yesterday evening saw they’d made a lot of progress on emptying that jar.  So this morning took another full one to replace one I was sure would be empty to find its not – yet.  there were certainly a cluster of bees on it though. yet could see bees coming in with their legs well dusted with pollen, so it is still only a supplement still.

Yesterday was cloudy, with dark clouds.  hopefully, despite predictions, we’ll have a decent monsoon.  we’ve been about 12 weeks, maybe more, without a drop of precip.  any and all will be welcome

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