solstice update

zucchini getting blossom end rot again.  This happened last year during the heavy heat and got Yield Booster.  never knew if it was that, or the monsoons that brought yields back.  This year, put a shade cloth over the zucchini corral, but blossom end rot once again, so out came the yield booster.

all the strawberries are dying.

white potatoes, in the eastern garden area, without any kind of shade cloth, are not doing well.  One has started to produce foliage, the rest are not, even though the eyes had started to bud when they were planted.  One poor potato had some critter get into it and eat out the buds!! had hoped that this eastern garden, which gets shade in the afternoon, would be okay without a shade cloth, but that’s not to be the case, it would seem

Red potatoes, in the southern facing container garden, and under shade cloth, doing gang busters!  there is one white potato in that same area, took a long time for the foliage to come, but it is also doing fine. 

see plenty of fruit forming on the romas.  Yellow plum also have some.  the orange slicing tomato (the plant was a gift from someone who said they didn’t know the variety other than it was an heirloom) has none, and the Siberian seems to have none.  The SIberian is supposed to be a short season tomato, so maybe I should have planted it earlier.

In the main garden, have planted some basil plants that were big for transplant, but will hopefully survive. Pole beans are starting to sprout

back in the eastern garden area, the bush beans planted at the same time are doing nothing!

winter squash are starting to GROW!  corn seems to be taking off too.

Gophers are destroying the outer herb/flower garden.  The yarrow is gone.  Most of the Bee Balm are too.  one of the lavender is struggling. calendula are disappearing one by one

Bees are still bringing in some pollen, but not much.  giving them a pint of sugar syrup each day. don’t know how quick they are going through it, but I’m only dealing with it in the early morning while still relatively cool and the bees are calm.  did it later in the morning not to long ago and ended up with a bee caught in my hair!  Heat is really supposed to crank up this week and will probably up them to a quart a day when that happens.

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