revising the plan

planted my pole beans about 2 weeks ago and saw that something was eating the shoots almost as soon as they sprouted!  Well, its just about too late to replant.  Fortunately had two packages of bush bean seeds and planted all of the “contender” today and about 1/2 of the Blue Lake.  Used screening to fence off the planted areas.  see in another area about 3 pole beans have come up – maybe they are just taking a long time to germinate.  that area is already fenced off and reinforced it today.  who knows maybe the pole beans and the bush will all come up then we’ll have for eating as well as storing.  but am not counting on it.  will take pictures soon


talking about well over 100 this weekend and looks like the monsoons are moving in.  the monsoon season is not denoted by rain, but by humidity and we’ve got it!

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