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The heat is on and the flowers are gone.  we’ve had no rain of any kind since sometime in March.  everything that was lush and green has literally shriveled and turned brown and crispy. about a month ago began supplemental feeding of the bees with a pint a day. they now get a quart a day.  Wouldn’t worry about them so much if this was an established hive with combs all built, etc.  But its not.  and not that many folks around here keep flower gardens.  Used to have one around my main veggie garden filled with flowers that would attract pollinators.  but the gophers have wiped me out this year!  So am going with sugar syrup for the time being. 

We’re into summer monsoon season and while the clouds have been coming and the humidity is high, there’s been nothing more than thunder and lightning, and the expected devastating wild fires from it.  Will do what I have to for getting the bees through this season and into the next.  And will better protect the flower plantings next year by digging up the gardens and putting down chicken wire to protect everything.

and on that note, the dog dragged me along for a walk to a different area this morning and we found some of the most stunning purple bee balm I’ve ever seen!  and there were my bees, busily working away.  Now that I know where they are will be back for seed for next year.  and will be sure to gather seed from the few that are left in my garden too.

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