garden update


the weather has been so cloudy, took down some of my shade cloths already

IMG_1338this is the container garden area nearest are sweet peppers, behind them anaheim, then tomatoes: Siberian, sweet orange, yellow pear, then comfrey all the way at the end.  front row (left of picture) is one pot of basil and the rest are potatoes

IMG_1339what’s left of the zucchini corral

IMG_1340roma tomatoes.  This set up keeps me from constantly checking the plants

IMG_1341west side of the main garden area; front are delicata squash, corn, pole beans which FINALLY came up and spaghetti squash.  strangely have had no female flowers on the spaghetti squash, one of the reasons I took down the shade cloth. that was the only thing I could think of that was keeping these plants from bearing fruit

IMG_1342east side of the main garden, with chard to the front, followed by a mix of pole and bush beans, basil and then bush beans.  there are also some “walking” onions in there

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