roma harvest begins


My choice is to seed and roast my romas, then peel them. then freeze.  when all is done, then canning begins.  Last year had done some with zucchini, but don’t think I’m going to have the zucchini this year due to critter problems.  so maybe all will go to sauce this year, which would be nice

IMG_1352 (1024x768) peeled and seeded, on parchment. Olive oil and seasons can be added at this point if you choose

IMG_1353 (1024x768)roasted about 1/2 hour at 350F. easy to peel. about 20 tomatoes here

IMG_1354 (768x1024)seeds are separated from their liquid.  this batch yielded a bit more than 1/4C of juice

IMG_1355 (1024x768)after peeling.  there is a certain amount of tomato water, clearer than juice.  You can save or discard.  At this point you can also choose to puree before freezing

This year, juice, water and peeled tomatoes all going into the freezer together.

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