august update

July was hot and humid, with frequent showers, but not much real rain.  the couple of downpours we had came while we were waiting for the new gutters to be installed – having had the old ones removed . . .

have taken all the shade cloths down now. 

Yesterday had an attack of hornworms on my heirloom striped romas (not the others), and peppers and potato plants.  They ate fruit as well as leaves.  This morning had to rig up a little shade for the sweet peppers.  experience tells me they can get sunburned too easily and that ruins them.  usually the birds get the worms before I do, so it must have been some infestation!

another plant got pulled under this morning too.  Gophers are back into the garden now that its been a week without rain.

Zucchini plants are finally starting to show new growth.  Will it be enough, fast enough, soon enough?

bush beans are all in flower and pole beans have gotten to the wire cover over the main garden.

am cutting back what I’m feeding the bees as there is some flowering going on, they are down to a pint every third day.

FINALLY a single spaghetti squash fruit

critters have eaten at just about every Delicata winter squash fruit

This weekend will plant carrot seeds.  Like doing seeds during the dark of moon season.  To me it makes sense – dark, like the underground, to increase during the waxing period.

have a third batch of Roma tomatoes to seed, peel and freeze

we’re finally getting regular tomatoes to eat.  chard still doing well.  corn is as almost as high as my eyes.

a neighbor gave me several pounds of nice ripe local plums.  gave some away for eating (they were delicious), and made preserves with the rest.  some sugar and lemon juice for 6 x  1/2pints.  Then added Chia seeds to the rest and canned up another 5 x 1/2pints.  added more sugar to that batch to as this was pretty tart stuff.  The jars look like they are filled with seeded rasberry jam, but from tasting it before canning, know the chia seeds are a lot softer than rasberry seeds could ever be

my old camera isn’t working well anymore, too much dirt in the works.  and while it still takes basic pictures, the quality is not as it used to be.  so have ordered another.  its basically the same Canon, but the next year’s model.  I’m familiar with that one now.  When it comes will update with photos.

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