august prime time


Here we are, summer almost over!  and this prime time in the garden!!  Romas are almost done, as are the bush beans.  Have been careful to keep up with picking both.  Birds are starting to get the tomatoes quicker than me.  Sometimes, just a little hole and I can still use them.  Other times, they’ve taken away the whole side of the tomato.

Bush beans have been going into the freezer when not going into our tummy’s!  letting some go to seed now.  Pole beans have just started to flower and hopefully, will get plenty from them yet this year.

Winter squash (delicata) is suddenly putting out only female flowers.  Spaghetti Squash putting out mostly male flowers so is pollenating everything else.  Zucchini are trying to come back.  One plant is putting out female something!  little zuke buds below what look sort of like flower buds but never open!  one of these proto zukes got as big as a baseball! Never flowered, no seeds.  There are three more of them out there.  One has started to die, don’t know what the other two will do.  meanwhile, some of the other plants are FINALLY putting out leaves.

Carrots have sprouted and need to be thinned now that I can tell which are carrots and which are not.

Corn is doing something.  All the peppers are starting to ripen.

We had a potato salad with new potatoes.  Not many came out of this particular bag, and they were small. So left them with skins on as new potatoes.  DELICIOUS!

Have been ignoring the bees, though thanking them for all the produce of the garden!!  Saw a little tussle at the entrance one day, they seemed to be protecting the hive from uninvited guests.  Still have no honey comb in there so will probably be feeding them all winter

RAIN!  despite predictions to the contrary, it has been a decent monsoon.  Not a lot of rain until today, but cloudy damp days.  Not enough to get the wildflowers going again (hence having to feed the bees), but enough keep the fire danger down.  Have had 2” so far today, where are the water buts when you need them!  With our roof that’s 6000 gallons lost

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