IMG_0026 my garlic on the left, neighbor’s on the right.  guess what I’m planting next year!!

IMG_0027  IMG_0028  IMG_0029

IMG_0030  IMG_0031  IMG_0032

IMG_0033  carrots!!

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2 Responses to pictures

  1. limewindow says:

    I love how growing carrots is an adventure- where here in our moderate climate they are the boring staple crop, along with potatoes and cabbage. Do you even have slugs there? I really love your blog and what you achieve in your garden.

    • morgaineotm says:

      Thanks for liking my blog. Yes, we have slugs. They seem to keep out of the raised beds though. Where I live, we qualify as a zone 7 based on our frost dates (may and oct 15 repectively). The challenge is in the amount of sun – at 4500 feet the sun is a little stronger than it is in, say, NJ! the other biggie is the temp fluctuation between highs and lows. We can still be getting light frosts at night, with 70 degree day time highs! So days can be too hot for cool weather plants, while nights are too cold for the warm lovers!! Sometimes, just getting the staples would be great, but settle for what ever I can get!! Happy gardening

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