keeping busy

Started with making Chicken soup on Thursday.  Friday, de-boned the chicken and canned meat, stock, and rice – 7 quarts.  Also defrosted the big chest freezer.  While in there took out the stock bones I’d been saving through the summer as well as the romas I’ve been harvesting, roasting, and freezing.  Made another batch of stock; and after canning 7 quarts took the last quart for the tomato sauce

IMG_0055This, plus stock, onions, garlic, salt, anaheim chilis and olive oil.  the jar is the last of last year’s tomatoes

IMG_0056became this.

Today, am making sausage.  so far, 3 lbs of pork has become 21 links and 10 patties of breakfast sausage.  brauts and sweet italian are next.

Oh yeah, have to  french the green beans I picked this AM and get them into the freezer too.

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