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while the socks I knit last year work, they definitely have issues; the biggest being too much ease.  Mostly was knitting with big needles, keeping the stitches loose.  all well and good, but should have reduced the pattern so they wouldn’t stretch as much.  This year, have discovered  ‘magic loop’ or ‘magic circle’ knitting.  use a single circular needle instead of double pointed.  as much as I enjoy dpns for plain knitting, when it comes to patterns, find them difficult to keep guage.  this circular needle is much more consistent.  Also easier to transport one needle and the skein of yarn.  less worry about then stitches falling off the needles.

IMG_0057 (1024x768) knitting the sock cuff with the circular needle, doing a seed stitch for the body.

IMG_0058 (1024x768) a pair of socks done with the circular needle.  did switch to dpns for the heel and gusset, then back to the circular right down to the toes.

Think that the technique of doing a pair of socks at the same time is an extension of this knitting method, but am pretty sure I’m happy with knitting one sock at a time.  don’t seem to have a problem making the second one like the first.

Scored a HUGE bag of yarn for $10 – that included 7 skeins of bulky yarn, as well as some single 8oz skeins.  Then picked up some other skeins for $3 each, so it averages out to a winter’s worth of knitting for cheap. 

Yes, this year will work up to a sweater!  If I can do socks, should be able to do something as simple as a sweater!

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