some updating

Carrots are doing poorly.  even seedlings that appeared robust have laid down and died.  Am probably going to plant my winter broccoli in the same bed and if any carrots make it, great!

Bees . . . have not even been out at the hive since I pulled the feeder back in late August/early September.  Had been giving them a light syrup supplement (one lb sugar to every pint of water) starting in June, twice a week.  When the rains started, because they were so light, made the feeding once a week.  and then the rosemary bloomed well and pulled the feed bottle completely.  now the rosemary is fading.  Went by the hive today and saw lots of bodies around.  There’s a spider web right below the landing board full of bodies, and there were some laying about elsewhere.  some being rolled out as I watched.  Also saw bees bringing in pollen and inside the hive looks fine.  So think this is just its getting cold and we don’t have honey cut back in population.  No signs of the hive being robbed.  I made the hive opening small (although I wish I’d put it to the other side of the hive) and its obviously enough for them to tend.

its time to pull most of the plants from the beds and containers.  Which is why I’d emptied the composter.  Now it’s a matter of time. Could have done it today, but chose instead to do laundry, knit, start on my quarter end books, etc.  The cool nights have slowed the beans down considerably.  The bush beans have pods going to seed. The pole beans are still producing. 

The Delicata squash has a number of very small squash.  Will probably try one tomorrow to see if they are okay.  don’t mind small ones if they are good.  Have probably a 1/4 of the Spaghetti Squash I usually get.  Of course, if the other is good, it works out.

Will probably make some changes for next year.  Less eating tomatoes.  more beans.  zuchinni of course and winter squash.  onions and garlic.  more eggplant.  more bee attracting flowers, like Hyssop and Yarrow, Bee Balm etc.  the lavender I planted at the beginning of the year seems to have taken.  Echinacea doing well in the center garden, not in the veggie garden area.  Also need to get the sage going and really thin out that oregano.

Took out butter to soften to make basil butter, but never got around to it.  Tomorrow is another day.

Oh yeah. Local thrift had a Presto canner for $50.  23quart, no instructions.  If it is still there tomorrow will buy it.  there are times when I want/need to be able to do more than my one will hold.  it is smaller and lighter than my All American, so will also be good when I’ve just a few cans.  But, figure it will probably be gone tomorrow, even though its been there for weeks, now I’ve decided to take it.  If it is, no biggie.  Its not really a great deal as they sell them new on Amazon for $75.

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