hive update


IMG_0074  This is the hive this morning, the partial comb on the far right is #12.  you can see some of the comb is capped.  Is this brood comb?  or did they put away some honey for the winter?  “officially” this comb is too close together to be honey comb.  Don’t doubt though, that they would put some up as the weather cools.

This is the hives first year. It’s a small top bar hive that lives in the forest of the upper southwest desert.  From a good wet late winter, to a really hot and dry spring, to a muggy and damp, but not wet, early summer, finishing off with  respectable monsoon rains in late August thru mid-September.  Pollen sources totally turned crispy with the heat and it wasn’t until the real rains came that we got wild flowers again.  There is minimal landscape flowers available.  Supplement fed from June through August, and have started supplemental feedings again as the late bloom flowers are fading.  Though I see the wild roses (which are tiny, but sweet smelling) are in bloom again.  this is very late for them.

Hive faces South, south east and will get good winter sun.  Keep the feeder jar on the outside by the hive mouth.  So daytime temps, most of the winter, will easily get up to 50F and higher in December as long as the sun shines.

Obviously its cool, with the bees still huddled to the front of the hive, and this picture is taken about 2 hours after sun rise.  But from the outside, there were plenty of bees on the move.  In warmer weather they’d have been spread out around the inside of the hive.

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