best GF bread

From The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread by Bette Hagman, and then personal adjustments

Starting with Four Flour Mix, by volume, Garfava bean flour 2/3part, Sorghum flour, 1/3part, Cornstarch 1 part, Tapioca flour 1 part as in 2/3C, 1/3C, 1C each   ALL OTHER INGREDIENTS ROOM TEMPERATURE

her Four Flour Bread, per her recipe (adjustments I made) for a medium loaf – standard bread loaf pan

Four Flour Mix 3-1/3C (3C + 1/2C rolled oats + 1/4C flax meal)                                                                                                                   Now I leave her recipe and switched to her Featherlight Rice Bread recipe:

xantham gum 2-1/4tsp,  1-1/2tsp gelatin, salt 3/4tsp (1-1/2 tsp + 1/4tsp baking soda), Sugar 3 tbs, 1/3C dry milk powder or substitute (1/3C buttermilk powder), dry yeast 2-1/4tsp (1 tbs), Eggs  or substitute 1 egg plus 2 whites (used dry egg whites), margarine or butter 4-12tbs (used Ghee), vinegar or dough enhancer 3/4tsp, 110F water 1-1/2C (2C)

mix well.  batter should be too loose to be picked up in hand, but not so loose it pours.  Put in well greased baking pan, use a wet spoon to smooth top if desired.  Cover and let rise.  This issue of warmth is important.  if the dough is cold to start, and that is especially true of the water, rising is delayed and it could inhibit the yeast completely.  I cover with an inverted bread pan, and set to rise on the stove, with saucepans full of boiling/warm water around it.  or time my bread making to canning or soup making to bring extra warmth to dough.  If you have a gas oven with pilot light that might be enough – I don’t. 

let rise for about an hour and then bake in oven.  recipe calls for 400F.  I’m at 4500 feet and 350F works just fine.  after 15 minutes cover the top of the loaf with foil to slow browning and cook another 45 minutes

This is absolutely Delicious!!!!!!


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