Canning Chili

and getting to use both my canners!   Picked up a 23 quart Presto canner at the thrift shop for $50, and admit to being surprised that it is BIGGER than my All American 915 – which is actually the next to smallest of that line.  they will hold the same number of quart jars, but the Presto can be double stacked for more pint and 1/2 pints.  the pot to the far right was the chili cooking pot . . . .

IMG_0091 The All American has this great machined metal to metal sealing system, hold down bolts, with both gauge and calibrated weight.  The weight is the primary pressure setting.  The Presto is primarily gauge setting, but as it happens, the weight is set for 15 lbs, which here at 4500 feet is what I use.  That works for me, but won’t for everyone. The drawback of the gauge is that it should be tested before every canning session!  How often are you running to your agricultural agent, if you have one near by that is?  or are you going to send it back to presto regularly?  So knowing the jiggler is at 15 lbs works real well for me.

Last year did the chili in quart jars, but we ended up with opening the jar and then having it sit in the fridge until we were ready for more, so went with pints this year.  Between the two canners have 14 pint jars of chili.  That should see us through a good portion of the year!

And as I write this, the Presto has come up to pressure quickly and is holding well.  Unfortunately, the All American is not ?!?!?!  steam escaping from the body/lid seal.  will have to reseat the lid and start over . . . .

guess this is why I’m the only person I know here in town who pressure cans . . .

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4 Responses to Canning Chili

    • morgaineotm says:

      Their are a variety of canners out there of different price ranges. Know the presto 23 quart (what I’ve got) is $75 on Amazon. Its big enough and light enough to be used as both a hot water bath as well as pressure canner. For some reason though, the instructions say you can double stack to pressure can but NOT to do so hot water bath! Even so, am really glad I’ve got them both now.

  1. Good idea! I never canned chili before.

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