mesquite flour

This is the main reason I wanted the Vitamix. Mesquite beans are hard and taking them to a Hammer Mill for making flour is the usual way.  But had heard the Vitamix and a little work will do the job.  Am also hoping I’ll have enough blue corn to make some blue corn meal too.  That’ll be another post if I do . . .

IMG_0093did not weigh the before and afters.  broke up the beans and removed any really black and moldy bits.  The rest into the “dry” container

IMG_0094after less than a minute, dumped the ground beans into the strainer and filtered out the finer flour.  This batch went back into the container

IMG_0095Mesquite flour has a lot of “sweet” as well as protein.  Though the beans were dry, the flour tended to clump together.  This is as much why the flour had to be stopped, sifted and returned to the process. 

IMG_0096If I’d worked longer at it, am sure could have reduced this to flour also, but decided to leave it as is.  Will ultimately make some mesquite syrup with what’s left

IMG_0097This is about 1/2 the flour I got today.  went back with another batch of beans after taking all these pictures.  each batch went through the machine 3 times.   Harvested from 3 different trees.  These beans were from one.

IMG_0099 and this is the bread I baked with that flour.  it is not completely mesquite, used the recipe from last week (best gluten free bread  and substituted 1/2C of mesquite flour for the oatmeal used in that batch.  It browned more, and has just a hint of sweetness to it.  tastes good.  We’ll see how it keeps.

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