Suddenly, well gradually until now, have been thinking of and feeling the need for, aprons.  For years I’ve trashed my clothes between the dog, cooking, sloppy eating, gardening, and the carburetor work.  Why not an apron?  We’ve all been in the garden and found ourselves with too much food in our hands and the basket is over there, so we pick up our skirts, grab the shirt or sweater, and make a sling to carry it all.  Why not an apron.  Or we’re working around the house and our sweats/jeans/dress/skirt do not have (adequate) pockets.  Why not an apron.  How often do we find ourselves with our food dribbled down our front?  so Why not an apron with a bib?

Have one of those heavy cotton duck BBQ aprons, but its pretty stiff and fairly unattractive.  want something prettier than the durable work aprons sold for gardening or shop work.  But since I’m not Donna Reed or June Cleaver, do not want frills and ruffles.  I’m going to trash these Aprons!

IMG_0101Hard to see here, but I’m wearing one Apron and holding another.  These were made from a single table cloth bought in the thrift for $3.  This was actually a fun project as its been a long time since I designed and created something without a pattern.  Each Apron has a bib with a big pocket and two pockets in the skirt.  one of the Aprons is quite long, the other about knee length.  both have bib tops with tied waist bands.

Now, have to get into the habit of putting on and wearing these same aprons!

meanwhile, created a decent rag bag with the remains of the three dresses that got trashed this summer. . . . .

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