first sweater

Finally got up the nerve to try a sweater.  Should be no problem if I can knit socks, right?  but new territory.  Plus, a lot of adjustments to make to accommodate my size.  So started with what is basically a shrug with a big buttonhole! Using magic loop method did the sleeve, and decided to go with a shaped shoulder using short rows,  rather than a dolman style sleeve. Then bound off a few inches for the underarm and began knitting across.   from here, will pick up stiches going around and do the body of the piece.  So far have used a bit more than 3 skeins of the shown bulky yarn @ 100grams /skein = 164yards/skein.

IMG_0103 (1280x444)Knitting this as a reverse stockinette

IMG_0105 (799x1067)Even though I measured as I went along, you can see I got the neck/head opening a little off center.  of course, a bit of yarn and a crochet hook will even that out.  The 7 skeins of this yarn that enabled me to be brave and finally take this step was a part of a big bag of yarn that cost me $10.  So its my time involved in this learning process.  This will give me a good idea of how much yarn I need to consider when looking at lots in the thrift shop.

Right now, am going to take a break and got back and do a pair of anklets.  Then finish the sweater.

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One Response to first sweater

  1. limewindow says:

    A great start and love the colour too!

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