bee sting

Stumbled out early, hair unkempt, no glasses, as dog was anxious to get out.  Since she’s become an agoraphobic dog lately, figured it had to be urgent.  and it was  –  JAVELINA –  and she had to defend her space.

Did grab a jar of syrup for the bees and as the day was warmish, the sky overcast, the bees were already up and about and at the syrup bottle.  It wasn’t until I picked it up that I realized it still had syrup in it (obviously they are not ready for daily feedings yet!).  Anyway, a guard bee flew up and got caught in my hair.  tried to maintain my cool and moved away from the hive screaming “get out of my hair” like that would do any good!  didn’t even want to reach up and loosen the barrette holding my hair in place to free it.  finally just started moving my shirt up, tight against my head to isolate the bee from my scalp and push it in the right direction.

When the buzzing stopped, I pulled my shirt down to find the bee was on the shirt. and it stung me right above the eyebrow! Well, it is only my third bee sting since I started this in April . . .

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