hive update

living in the high desert does not offer the pollen sources as other areas.  There is enough once the hive is established, and in its first year, mine is not yet.  So am now feeding the hive about 24oz of 2:1 sugar syrup every other day – that’s 16oz sugar to 8oz water.  This morning found syrup still in the bottle I’d put out on Tuesday, but then saw I’d put it down in such a way only a few holes in the bottle top were accessible.  The hive was quiet, but it was early and way cool last night.  Still, as soon as I put the new feeder down, the bees POURED out of the hive.  obviously a good population of bees are still alive.  Maybe between my feeding and the good winter sun they get, they might keep their population high through the winter.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but it is.  They are still working on comb.  During the day, the sun shining on the face of the hive, it is probably as warm as any summer day (when the hive is in full shade) at least for a few hours.

IMG_0111 (768x1024)       IMG_0112 (1024x768)

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