onions and garlic

Today was the day to plant garlic and onions.   Planted some of the Sisiskyou puple (on the left), some of the Persian Star (on the right) and some of Helen’s Garlic.  helen is a neighbor who gave me two heads of garlic in the spring and they were HUGE compared to mine.  Ate one to see how it tasted and planted the other today.  Also planted 10 Shallots.

IMG_0116The onions shown are Egyptian Walking onions; the results of planting the bulbils in the spring.  About 1.5 times these were planted for next spring in the big 4’ grow bag, the rest are for eating.  The onion took up about 1/2 the grow bag, the other half is the 19 small onions that grew from the two sweet onions that I didn’t harvest in the spring.  have not done well starting the onions from seed, so left those two to do their own thing, which they did.

Now have to process all this garlic for using during the year.  The sisiskyou will be eaten fresh.  The rest will get crushed and go into water in jars in the fridge.  The sisiskyou gets bitter when kept for long

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