question & selfie


IMG_0113 (768x1024)This is me in my makeshift bee protection get up.  It occurred to me yesterday that I may need to move the false back on my hive up to close up the space in the hive to what the bees are actually using, to help them keep warm.   So wearing a large strainer bag ($1.99) and a protective suit from work (about $12 when bought in bulk), gloves and my usual slippers, set out to open the hive.    AND discovered that the bees have really really really sealed that thing to the back wall.

So am now wondering if I need to get an extra false back from the folks who made my hive OR just leave it alone and throw something over the hive to insulate it if we get some extreme cold or a number of grey days.  We’re in AZ at 45oo feet. The hive is in a protected area of trees and brush, out of the wind, where it gets good winter sun.

and lesson learned, don’t leave the false back in the hive until you need it!

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