IMG_0105 (799x1067)What started as this is now

IMG_0120 (832x1024) THIS!  – other than a little too much in the upper arm, its pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  From the shrug with neck opening, picked up stitches around for the body.  All on #10 needles, Bulky Acrylic yarn, 100grams/164 yards per skein.  5.5 skeins for the entire thing, 3 of them for the sleeves and upper body.  main body 2.5 skeins.   Switched to #9 needles for 3 inches for the waist – such as it is – then back to the #10s.  At 21” long, it just touched my hips, and then switched to #10.5 needles for another 3 inches, then divided for the tails – 3” for the front, 5” for the back.  Sweater has not been blocked, and there is not a seam in sight!

IMG_0119 (965x1024)the back


IMG_0118 (639x1024)side

IMG_0121 (852x1024)The sweater was purposely done for reverse stockinette but as you can see, it could be reversible.

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