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makin’ bacon

Well, not quite.  Making sausage more accurately. Use an electric grinder; an LEM 575 watt unit actually.  am looking to upgrade as it has PLASTIC gears and have already broken them once.  its been repaired, but its not quite right.  … Continue reading

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keeping the buzzz

  December 27, the weather is mild here in N. AZ, and the sun is shining strongly on the hive, making the surface temperature nearly 80F!! Peeked into the hive earlier, and see the comb is golden colored, looks like … Continue reading

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last year’s socks

these are two of the three pairs I started with last year when I decided to learn how to knit and make my custom knee socks.  Of these two pairs, one sock each has worn through.  Why only one, not … Continue reading

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cheap heat

This was how to heat a room for 15c/day.  Am not sure about a room.  But could probably help the greenhouse on a cold night!

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more knitting

  This is a hooded shrug.  am not really pleased with how it came out for various reasons included the ‘body’, that is across the back, is a little too small and the hood did not come out as I … Continue reading

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december catching up

what a year this has been.  The garden got neglected, partially because of a busy life, and partially because of the frustration of dealing with the gophers.  Anyone try Bobcat pee??? and the fall greenhouse was equally neglected so  just … Continue reading

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