more knitting


IMG_0152 (1024x768)This is a hooded shrug.  am not really pleased with how it came out for various reasons included the ‘body’, that is across the back, is a little too small and the hood did not come out as I envisioned.  It probably wouldn’t bother me so much, but this is high end, $25/skein super wash wool.  Mary Gavin yarns, Cuesta in Chestnut.  It took 3 skeins, but what I did was to double the yarn and use #11 needles.  The body was done in bamboo stitch with rib knit cuffs on #9 needles.  Have become a fan of the magic loop method, so these were done on flexible needles that went from knitting in the round, to back and forth across the back and then back to in the round for the other arm.

What was discovered is that I can knit both left and right handed!  The left handed is slow and limited, but enough so that when doing the stockinette stitch for the hood, just went back and forth without having to turn.

More work in cheap acrylics as I learn more about fitting patterns, fancy stitches.  Knee socks next.

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