catching up


DH is away for the weekend, and so its time to catch up.  FINALLY some rain, so no garden work.  Instead did some canning.  Have no idea of how many lbs of butter, about 1/2 and 1/2 sweet and salted butter, 12 half pints and 3 full pints of ghee.  The half pints were done per various web posts; melted the butter, skimmed off foam, canned, and then shaken as the butter set up.  Chose to pressure can the jars.  7 had to be redone, and still one did not seal.  butter did boil up and push out.  the shaking didn’t seem to make much difference either.  Next time will just make it all ghee.

Also used my water bath canner to make 9 quarts of chicken stock, canned with chicken meat and some of the jars with rice.

and then sausage.  On the left are sweet Italian, on the right Bratwurst patties.  Both are handformed, and I did say patties for the brats.  We don’t keep a lot of bread in the house, the patties will work better on regular bread or rolls than the other shape.

all my sausages are pure lean pork, each one about 4oz, or slightly less. 

I freeze them individually and then put them into plastic bags for the freezer.


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