grinder update

am not a hunter, but have found that we enjoy sausage, just not the additives and fat.  So began learning how to make my own, even if it is store bought meat.

Yes, I have one of those hand crank models.  outside of tonight’s hamburger, its not what you want to use when doing 5+ lbs of meat.  So bought an LEM #8 countertop 575 watt grinder.  Light weight, LOTS of plastic and aluminum.  Found out the hard way that the gears were plastic too!  Repaired, and it still works, but that aluminum really bothered me and it just didn’t have the power to go through tendon tissue.  Instead, that stuff clogged up the works OR meant lots of time really cutting the meat carefully.  Even a little fat would tangle up and clog.  Phooey!!

After a couple of years with that smaller unit, have just upgraded to the LEM #5 Big Bite .25hp grinder.  All steel, its exercise just to move this around!  The opening for the meat is about the same size as on the other, but the meat tray is much larger.  Also comes with 3 different size sausage stuffers.  Now, as you can see in the photo, hand forming sausage is not easy.  Patties, not too bad, but those nice shaped sausage are a lot of more difficult.  This unit has a nice 30mm (that’s a bit over an inch = 25mm), so I’ll be able to extrude a nice diameter sausage – just cut to length.  Obviously, am not interested in doing the casing thing!!


If you are interested in a nice quality electric meat grinder, here is the link to the LEM page.  You’ll see the plastic one towards the bottom for $119.99 – just before the listings for their hand powered grinders.  The #5 is the first one on the list.

From my research, LEM and Cabela’s have the really best quality all metal grinders out there – they are pretty much all made in China, including this one.

Know some folks like the grinder that comes with the Kitchen Aid, but (1), don’t have a kitchen aid and (2) form what I hear, again, if you are looking to do some quantity, it just isn’t enough.

BTW. if you are not into storing LOTS of seasonings for doing the sausage, they do have decent seasoning mixes – of course, then you’re back to some of the additives again.

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