updating the buzz


IMG_0216thought I’d lost my bees months ago, but obviously just a self regulating population control as I still have bees.  These are some broccoli plants I’m letting go to seed and here is one of several bees that are collecting pollen – you can see the sort of orange ball just under the bee.  This was the best shot I could get. its like they knew I what I was doing.  they’d hover and stay long enough at any one place until I brought the camera out Smile

Bought these plants as seedlings last fall and really enjoyed the broccoli yield – in quantity and flavor.  am hoping they are not some weird hybrid and this will work.  meanwhile keeping the bees happy

The hive is looking sad, compared to the beeload from last year.  its drought time and I’ve kept feeding them as the pollen flow is low around here until the garden really gets going.  Since there is already well established comb in the hive, they do have an advantage and should repopulate the space well in the next few months

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