Summer is here


IMG_0220Shade cloth had to go up over the main garden today.  The tomato, eggplant and basil seedlings were struggling in the heat.  Last year it was mid-June before I needed to do this!  Some of the seedlings have already cooked out and need to be replaced.

IMG_0219 (1024x314)

This is the new flower garden bed in front of the greenhouse.  Hope it doesn’t get too hot.  Shade cloth will be going up here to, but it won’t protect these plants: echinacea, marigold, lavender, calendula, african lily, fox glove, cosmos, yarrow, day lilly and morning glory.

One of the bees kept buzzing around me, maybe asking for more sugar water at the hive.  Seriously, “smart Meters” went in this week and have heard of strange behaviors from the bees.  So far, that’s been the strangest.

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