still knitting

IMG_0221made my second sweater

IMG_0222looks better on than laying flat

This is plain old Super Saver acrylic yarn, worsted weight, black with a multi-color trim.  The first row at the bottom was going to be the end, when I tried it on, it was too short, so added several more rows of black and then the multi colored.

Most patterns I’ve seen for simple tanks and teas call for larger quantities of yarn than I used here.  This took 290grams of the acrylic, approx 551 yards in worsed (#4) weight. starting at the top knit the back to 11”, then the front, then joined them to finish the bottom in the round. went back and sewed the shoulder seams and finished the armholes with simple single crochet in the multi colored yarn.  bulk of the sweater in stockinette; bottom in garter to keep it from rolling, same at the top.

What have I been knitting between sweater #1 and #2?  SOCKS as well as about 3/5ths of the way through an afghan.  It got too hot knitting for the latter, will continue knitting socks as I’m finally getting the sizing and fit down!

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One Response to still knitting

  1. limewindow says:

    Don’t know about you but I find it damn difficult to get a good skirt. Plan to make a few this summer.

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