garden update


IMG_0228FIRST the new tool! Part of our property is suffering from too high weeds that are too far for the electric weedwacker with 75 feet of electric cord.  The gas weedwacker is always needing attention, the cutting wire is always needing attention.  and all together, weedwackers of all types and sizes have been unsatisfactory.  hence a step back to old technology that works.  It took minutes to cut down a bunch of weeds that were too thick stemmed for the weedwacker anyway, and that was straight out of the  box. Blade not sharpened (more) and it wasn’t attached to the snath correctly either. 

On another note, planted some eggplant seedlings yesterday plus the last of the seed potatoes.  THEN, today replaced the 25’  hose with a supposed 50’.  Am using those X-panding hoses.  The 25’ one worked fine (they do have their own peculiarities), but it just wasn’t long enough, so sprang for a supposed 50’.  If the thing is 40’ it would be amazing, think it measures more like 35’ at full expansion!  YES, I complained to the company.

The 25’ one went to the east garden where I’ve had a real 50’ hose that was always underfoot and getting kinked.  Now I can easily put away the UNexpanded hose when not in use, and yet have it reach all the different containers and beds when needed.

Some aspects of new technology are great, and some just suck rocks!

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One Response to garden update

  1. limewindow says:

    Congratulations on your new scythe. It is lucky you could still find one as they are becoming rare items here! A machete is also very good for brambles.The simple ways are the best.

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