quick garden update

Our tried and true nursery in town is under new management.  Always preferring to shop local, picked up some seedlings as mine has either cooked to death in the greenhouse, or I hadn’t started them.  Bought Roma tomatoes, Eggplant and basil.  First the Romas were kind of weak and spindly and still are.  got some more at the garden center of the big hardware store and they are doing gangbusters.  Eggplant seedlings ARE NOT!  think they will end up being zuchinni – they were marked black beauty and since that is the name of a variety of zuchinni as well as eggplant, am giving them the benefit of the doubt as to where the mix up occurred.  Of course, they may yet turn out to be a winter squash or a melon, or a yellow squash or a pattipan, or . . .

Basil are doing very poorly.

Bought eggplants at the same garden center as the other romas but they are not doing well. 

Planted bush beans from last year’s seed and they are coming up STRONG!

my Nangua (a winter squash that goes by many names and cultures – we know it as Chinese pumpkin) is doing the best ever in the years I’ve grown it!  It is in large pots in the east garden area where it gets morning and afternoon sun, but late afternoon shade.

garlic and onions did poorly as I didn’t water or feed them enough through the winter.  These may all just end up being seed for next winter’s planting.

Carrots – most were less than an inch long, but there are a couple of plants out there coming up strong and I’m letting them go to seed for planting this fall.

lettuce is bolting of course.

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