shade house

Was given a – the larger of the units.  But due to space restraints and need, only put together the one half.  Its actually pretty big!  About 6’ of headroom, the three shelves on each size are approx 2.5’, while the back ones are about 2’. all shelves are about 8” assembles easily, the sides like a clothing dryer, accordian up and then have little arms to lock them in place, then attach the arch pieces.  The plastic cover that came with it is for the double size, but since I already have a greenhouse, don’t really need that. Shade cloth, bug screen, and diffuser covers are available separately.  This time of year, a greenhouse is hot.  and know from experience, they tend to get aphids.  Just threw some shade cloth over this and will start my cool weather seeds soon: lettuce, broccoli and kale, etc.  This way I can have fall crops in the ground, and later, in the greenhouse for winter harvest.  The entire unit can be left standing or taken down and put away, OR just put the shelves in the greenhouse for spring seed starts.  The unit comes with ground stakes but don’t think they’d hold it if some real wind came along, it is a light weight thing and if the plastic cover was on, it would be nothing but a big sail!


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