creating microclimates


IMG_0243Container gardening allows us to do this easier.  This spot is shaded early morning, and most of the afternoon, getting just a few hours of direct sunlight.  This container had been in an eastern clearing that got strong sun through the morning to mid-afternoon and it became too much for these cool weather plants.  There had been 2 varieties of  Chinese veggies in the container, one type had bolted and gotten bitter.   When the container was moved to this spot, everything began to grow again!

Pulled out the greens that were bolting (and BITTER), and replaced with 3 old lettuce plants that were also in that same eastern area.  The plants that had seriously gotten leggy were composted, put three of the smaller ones here to see what happens.  This may be a way of extending the life and harvest of my cool weather plants, particularly lettuce greens.

Trying a Rhubarb where the lettuce had been.

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