Solstice garden update


IMG_0253 (768x1024)Chrysanthemum, Patio tomato, Lilac’s for transplanting

IMG_0254 (1024x768)New flower garden. Love morning glory!

IMG_0255 (768x1024)Bush beans starting

IMG_0256 (1024x768)marigold, spanish lavendar, caledula

IMG_0257 (1024x768)lavendar

IMG_0258 (768x1024)The first sunflower of the season

IMG_0259 (1024x768)the first of the bush beans. to the left are late planted eggplant

IMG_0260 (768x1024)zucchini from seed

IMG_0261 (768x1024)roma tomatoes.

IMG_0262 (1024x768)The tag said “eggplant”.

IMG_0263 (768x1024)looking good – for eggplant?!?! yes, I know zucchini

IMG_0264 (1024x768)Potatoes in grow bags, comfrey in the foreground

IMG_0265 (768x1024)Lufa / Loofa.

IMG_0266 (1024x768)nastureum from seed

IMG_0267 (1024x768)second planting of the bush beans

IMG_0268 (768x1024)Nangua – winter squash – Chinese Pumpkin only one of its many names

IMG_0269 (768x1024)Chard

IMG_0270 (1024x768)Rhubarb – may have to grow as an annual here.  Let this plant develop this season, harvest next and then replant

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