container maintenance


IMG_0277 (768x1024)clipped back some of the comfrey

IMG_0278 (1024x768)and spread it into this now empty container

IMG_0279 (1024x768)this is the grow bag I’m moving today. and while it looks shady, its still only about 7:30am!

IMG_0280 (1024x768)The pallets that will be the new home for that round grow bag above

IMG_0281 (1024x768)The gophers really had a good time under it last year!  and they ate up the plants badly enough I had to actually BUY zucchini!

IMG_0282 (768x1024)grow bag in place, up on the pallets with fencing down on top of the pallets and some screen around it for protection

IMG_0283 (768x1024)moved this container over a bit.  It will get a little more morning sun and more winter sun than where the round grow bag is

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